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Newsflash: If Lindsey Lohan didn’t do so much fucking coke she would look like Total Super Cuties Laura. No – I am being serious here!

You probably don’t remember it, but before Lindsey was getting arrested for stupid shit like driving under the influence and stealing jewelry she was actually pretty hot. She had some meat on her bones. She had full tits like Laura’s juicy melons are. By the way… Did you see the leaked Lindsey Lohan Playboy photos? She looks like a fucking train wreck. There isn’t enough makeup or airbrushing in the world to save that ho-bag!

Anyway… oh… wait… not anyway… Check out this photo of Lindsey from when she was still hot:


OK… She is probably a little coked out here too… Make that maxed out on coke…. But back then she could do a lot of coke because she still had some baby fat lying around. I bet she could fuck all night long…

Now – anyway…


Now that is a phat ass. I could stick my dick in there and feel pretty confident I won’t cut it on a chipped bone or some shit!


Where was I?

Oh yeah… Total Super Cuties has dozens of models and each model does several picture sets and videos. A few go hog-wild creating their own mini-sites in the members area. Skinny girls, chunky girls… girls in between, Total Super Cuties has it all!

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