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Ever heard of Karen’s Bitches? Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz later. Karen’s Bitches is a sister site of Total Super Cuties. Karen got her start at TotalSuperCuties.com and opened her own site Karen Dreams. From there she wanted to give girls like her a chance at becoming a successful Internet model like she was so she opened Karen’s Bitches.

The girl with the huge tits and curvy ass above is Gia Knight. She reminds me of the slightly chunky younger sister of a buddy of mine from high school. She would wear similar sleeping attire and pose herself around us while my buddy would keep telling her she is fat and nobody in the room wants to see her fat ass hanging out everywhere.

Thankfully for my dreams she didn’t listen to him. It could have been that she was checking me out and noticing my eyes were transfixed on her phat ass. Eventually we would end up having sex and I have to say, hers were some of the best big natural tits I had ever had since!

Get more of Gia and her friends at Karen’s Bitches.

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The guy that created Total Super Cuties was a total pervert. He used to peek at girls panties whenever possible and like most of us he fell in love with the girl next door.

These days he is creating some of the hottest tease porn ever created. His photos and videos hit so many different boyhood fantasies like feet, girls lounging around in their panties, white cotton panties, teasing, flirting, and more.

The models at Total Super Cuties aren’t "models" per se. They are real girls you actually have a chance in hell of dating. Amanda is cute, but she isn’t super cute. She is real and she has a real ass. Which looks great in those white cotton panties I must say!


It isn’t an IF you would tap that ass, it is a, how many times, and in how many ways would you tap that ass? Don’t you want to pull those panties over and see what this girl is hiding?


I have always loved it when girls pull their panties up their asses or up their pussy cracks. Not sure why. I once dated a girl that liked to roll her panties in to be more like a thong when she walked around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. It used to make my cock harder than ever to see her ass cheeks bouncing.


As I said, TotalSuperCuties.com is all about the tease. That same girl that used to roll up her panties used to enjoy watching me masturbate to her. She said it made her feel like a porn star. She had dreams of working in porn.

Crazy bitch!

She wanted to have hundreds of thousands of guys masturbating to her body and to know that at any given time hundreds, if not thousands, of guys would be dreaming of fucking her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I’m not sure what she is doing now, but I do know that Total Super Cuties Amanda is ready to tease the cum out of your rock hard cock right now!