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Holy fuck me’s, Batman! I could bang this little fuck bunny until the cows come home!

Now before you go saying something like you could find chicks like Total Super Cuties Judy in clubs all over the world, let me remind you… That is the point of Total Super Cuties!

Let’s face it. Some of the best sex you ever had was with a Judy. When you are banging chicks twice removed from your league you spend way too much time pinching yourself and not enough time in the moment. Judy is fun and hot with a body made for sex. Plus, Judy doesn’t know any of this! She thinks she is fugly and so she is willing to do all of the sorts of things mothers warn their daughters about!

Get that lotion and a warm towel ready. It is time for some Total Super Cuties!

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Newsflash: If Lindsey Lohan didn’t do so much fucking coke she would look like Total Super Cuties Laura. No – I am being serious here!

You probably don’t remember it, but before Lindsey was getting arrested for stupid shit like driving under the influence and stealing jewelry she was actually pretty hot. She had some meat on her bones. She had full tits like Laura’s juicy melons are. By the way… Did you see the leaked Lindsey Lohan Playboy photos? She looks like a fucking train wreck. There isn’t enough makeup or airbrushing in the world to save that ho-bag!

Anyway… oh… wait… not anyway… Check out this photo of Lindsey from when she was still hot:


OK… She is probably a little coked out here too… Make that maxed out on coke…. But back then she could do a lot of coke because she still had some baby fat lying around. I bet she could fuck all night long…

Now – anyway…


Now that is a phat ass. I could stick my dick in there and feel pretty confident I won’t cut it on a chipped bone or some shit!


Where was I?

Oh yeah… Total Super Cuties has dozens of models and each model does several picture sets and videos. A few go hog-wild creating their own mini-sites in the members area. Skinny girls, chunky girls… girls in between, Total Super Cuties has it all!

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Total Super Cuties is a site like no other on the Internet. The range of girls on the site is simply unmatched. Take Scarlet for example. Who is she to you? For me she is the girl two doors down. I used to play with her youngest brother and she hadn’t moved out by the time I started hitting puberty which meant she became my obsession.

Scarlet was high fashion. She wore all of the crazy shit like catsuits and fishnet stockings. She also liked to keep her door cracked just a little bit. Which is why I know these kinds of things about her.

Those days are long gone. Scarlet isn’t exactly hot anymore. Besides for Demi Moore I don’t know of many women that look hot pushing fifty years old.

So these days I spend my time remembering the old days at Total Super Cuties. You can too. With over 60 girls in over 400 videos there is a lot of variety. Some girls play cops and robbers. Others play schoolgirls and secretaries. And my favorites just be themselves… the girl next door!

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Real men get out every once in a while. Sure, the Internet is fun for a while, but you really need to get out and experience the real world from time to time. Think about it. All guys think Kristen Stuart is hot, but it takes a real man to realize that she isn’t real. The real chicks are at the river, the lake, the beach or watching NASCAR. They do these kinds of activities in bikinis and they don’t give a shit if they are letting it all hang out. In fact, they are trying to let it all hang out!

Chicks don’t get any more real than Total Super Cuties Samantha. She has some nice juicy boobies and a spankable fleshy butt.

The guys at Total Super Cuties have been to more than their fare share of places where women congregate in bikinis. They have a keen sense for finding them and getting them to take off that polka dot bikini!

So if you aren’t going to get outside for real, at least live a little!

Try Total Super Cuties on for size!

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We all wished we had a girlfriend like Nicole back in the day. Some of us did, most of us didn’t. I happened to be one of the lucky ones. My GF in high school loved to pose for me all throughout her senior year. She said it made her feel like a Playboy Playmate and that she enjoyed knowing I was going to masturbate to pictures of her for a very long time.

After several moves and many different girlfriends those pictures went missing. No problem though… She really wasn’t all that hot anyway. Besides, hot girls like Total Super Cuties Nicole are available these days. Boy do I ever love the Internet. So much porn at your finger tips. I used to hate having to go to the liquor store for some porno mags with my paycheck on Fridays. Now we can all just kick it at home and let our fingers do the walking!

Total Super Cuties has over 65 models and well over 400 videos to enjoy them in. Each model usually sticks around or comes back throughout the years to do more videos and several picture sets. I swear, TotalSuperCuties.com never gets old and neither do the girls!