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This voluptuous figure belongs to the model Jordan from Total Super Cuties. She has a phat tushy with plenty of padding for when you are party rocking in the house. When she is on top she will smother you with her more than adequate rack of soft tits. Jordan has a face full of cute freckles and she even has a few of them on her arms, thighs and her butt!

You can download, view, or what ever it is you do with your porn. There are no digital rights management so even if you cancel you can keep enjoying the videos you download.

Jordan has twelve updates and she models panties in all of them. Her body is so fucking banging it is insane. You want to jump through your monitor into her room and spank that fucking ass!

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Posted By admin on 12/01/12 - Bookmark Total Super Cuties


She isn’t officially a Total Super Cuties girl, but I can’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be. Her lace trimmed sheer blue panties with polka dots and pink bow prints are too cute for words. Better to just shake your stick at her and grunt!

Cute Panty Girls has hundreds of models for you to enjoy and all of them have killer bodies for modeling panties. This one is cute. I like her button nose and her big doe eyes. Some of the others are a bit like butter, but the majority are hot enough to earn a shake of the stick from you.

Members get access to their entire repertoire of sites. They have over a dozen and each of them has something to do with girls, knickers or clothing of some sort. My personal preference is to spend my time on Cute Panty Girls checking out all of the girls in frilly panties. I don’t know why but I love a good princess!

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