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Total Super Cuties like Lana Brooke get a lot of love from their fans because they fit a certain niche. Lana covers a few niches. She has what I like to call grabby boobs. She has a body that was made for modeling panties. She is a girl next door which makes her an approachable coed you might actually have a chance with. And finally, Lana Brooke has a fun attitude.

For me Lana Brooke reminds me of a friend of mine’s older sister. She was in college and every one of us wanted to fuck her brains out. To other people in college she was just some girl with boobs. To us she was a goddess!

One night while she was hanging with two of us the conversation turned to strip poker. We were talking about games people play in college. Since I was a bit of a nerd I had all kinds of tips for her. She asked if we wanted to play a round and of course we were ready and willing.

After several hands of me winning I got the feeling she might end the game before actually getting naked and kick us out of her room. I decided to start losing enough to keep up with her losses. That way she would feel like somebody else was in the same boat as her. She even commented about how crappy I was for somebody that thought he was God’s gift to the poker world.

When it was time for her to lose her bra my buddy and I waited in bated anticipation. It was as if God were about the pull the sheet off of the inner workings of the world and we would know every secret. She noticed our attention and gave us a little teaser show.

"Wow, somebody is excited," she said pointing to the bulge in my undershorts. I didn’t fall for her attempt to make me feel embarrassed. I was too mesmerized by her boobs. They were huge when compared to anything I had ever seen in person. They were bigger than my moms!

On the next hand she was hoping to see the fruits of her teasing if I lost and had to strip completely naked, but ultimate she lost again. By then my cock was leaking juice all over my boxers. Her panties were starting to show a wet spot of their own.

The object of our desire stood up so that her crotch was face height for us and did some teasing with her panties like she did when it was time for her to lose her bra. She did things like turn around and pull the sides of her panties up her ass cheeks like a thong. She turned back around and pulled her panties up into her pussy lips. It was like the world’s greatest porn movie playing out for you in real life!

What she did next really threw us for a loop. She told us that nobody loses in strip poker. At the end of a college game everybody gets naked. By then my buddy and I didn’t care enough about dick sizes or anything like that. We just wanted to see this girls pussy no matter what it took. My friend stripped to his underwear in seconds and then we all tucked our thumbs in our waistlines ready to pull our undies down at the same time.

With a flourish two cocks bounced out of their confinements flinging precum onto her thighs while her panties slowly revealed the pink flower petals that were her pussy lips. A strand of oily goo clung between her panty crotch and her pussy until it finally snapped. We both mouthed the word "wow" at the same time unable to actually make a sound.

Lana suggested we keep playing poker and that the winners could do things to the loser in a progressive manner starting with touching her boobs. We nodded in agreement and the game resumed with us sitting Indian style in front of each other.

When Lana lost the first round she laid on her back while my buddy and I each coddled one of her big floppy titties kneeling on either side of her luscious body. Suddenly Lana informed us again that in college strip poker everybody wins and she started jerking us both off with both hands.

"We should have a tasting round," Lana offered and we both bent down to suck on her nipples.

After a bit she stated that it was her turn and we lifted back up. She bent over to my cock and put it into her mouth. The sensation was like nothing I had ever felt before. The softness of her mouth on my cock was simple amazing. She worked her tongue over the head of my cock and I felt like I was going to explode into her mouth.

Next it was my buddies turn and since I wasn’t all that interested in watching her blow him I decided to get first dips on her pussy. Up until then I had heard about clits, but never actually played with one. So at first I spent a lot of time licking her vulva. As I came up and went back down I noticed she responded more to that little button at the top so I worked it instead. Later on she would compliment me on my foreplay. She thought I was licking her vulva to go slow on purpose. LOL

My bro seemed content with his blowjob and I wanted to get my dick wet again so I put a pillow under her ass and plowed my cock inside her pussy. While she was tight, my dick slipped in without much work. She was extremely wet. As I banged her pussy she blew my friends cock. Eventually she started rubbing her own clit in a bid to cum along with us.

When I was time to blow I wondered if she was on the pill. I scanned her room and my eyes landed on her trash can. An expended blister pack of birth control pills was right on top. Sweet!

Lana Brooke started cumming and it made her pussy tighter than even before. This added sensation threw me over the edge as well. My spunk began to fill her insides and my buddy couldn’t hold back anymore. His first shot went into her mouth, but she needed more oxygen for her own orgasmic trip so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and let the spunk juice plaster her face and tits.

Like I said earlier, it was like watching a porno play out for you live!

Remind yourself of how awesome those olden days once were and how awesome they can remain with a pass to Lana.TotalSuperCuties.com. The site that takes a girl next door and puts her in your own bed.

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Back when I was in school the Emo girls were freaks. Nobody wanted to hangout with them even though everybody knew they were sluts. Emo girls were definitely not cool.

These days things have changed. Now being Emo is where it is at. Now that all girls are sluts it is as if they want to be labeled Emo so they can cast the widest net. Emo sluts are taking over the world one high school at a time!

Not all Emo girls are created equal though. Some go too far with their piercings and completely fuck up what God gave them. Others start out ugly and adding more metal and ink to their skin didn’t help them any. Find hot Emo girls on video at EmoGirlsPorn.com. Their girls are total super cuties!

Waiting for you are hundreds of xxx clips of Emo girls doing nasty things their parents would frown on. Things like making videos of themselves stripping down to their skivvies or 100% naked. Watch this Emo girl getting nasty on her webcam for her boyfriend. The stupid slag thought he wouldn’t share it with his friends. Silly slag. All boys share!

Share the site with your friends and leave the girls some comments letting them know how cute they are. Or if they are ugly, tell them to stop while they are ahead. lol

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This voluptuous figure belongs to the model Jordan from Total Super Cuties. She has a phat tushy with plenty of padding for when you are party rocking in the house. When she is on top she will smother you with her more than adequate rack of soft tits. Jordan has a face full of cute freckles and she even has a few of them on her arms, thighs and her butt!

You can download, view, or what ever it is you do with your porn. There are no digital rights management so even if you cancel you can keep enjoying the videos you download.

Jordan has twelve updates and she models panties in all of them. Her body is so fucking banging it is insane. You want to jump through your monitor into her room and spank that fucking ass!

Get all of the Total Super Cuties updates immediately available to you once you join.

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She isn’t officially a Total Super Cuties girl, but I can’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be. Her lace trimmed sheer blue panties with polka dots and pink bow prints are too cute for words. Better to just shake your stick at her and grunt!

Cute Panty Girls has hundreds of models for you to enjoy and all of them have killer bodies for modeling panties. This one is cute. I like her button nose and her big doe eyes. Some of the others are a bit like butter, but the majority are hot enough to earn a shake of the stick from you.

Members get access to their entire repertoire of sites. They have over a dozen and each of them has something to do with girls, knickers or clothing of some sort. My personal preference is to spend my time on Cute Panty Girls checking out all of the girls in frilly panties. I don’t know why but I love a good princess!

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At first you might be wondering if this hot petite teen in a white bra and panties set is starving for food. She is very skinny. After talking to her it turns out she just metabolizes food faster than she can eat it. What that means is you’d better make sure your wife or your girlfriend, or both(!), don’t catch you jerking off to her live webcam chats at adultcamchat.me or she (they) are going to cut your balls off!

Watching videos is all good, but it can’t match talking to a girl live and having her do what you want her to do. I used to spend countless hours looking for that perfect video to cum to. Now I just login and find girls to have sex cam chat and then I tell her what I want to see.

Save a lot of time and heartache by using live chat cams. I know it sounds odd, but it has actually helped my own relationship. I am around more for my girlfriend because I am no longer hunting all over the Internet for a specific kind of porn.

Time for me to get hot and heavy with some Total Super Cuties!

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Live Sex Chat - JAQUELINE's Profile
Live Sex Chat - JAQUELINE's Profile2 Live Sex Chat - JAQUELINE's P3rofile

I enjoy images and prerecorded videos of super cute teens, but sometimes I want something more in your face. Nothing get more in your face then watching teen girls dancing on webcams. The best part? You can pick and choose your fate!

My fate for tonight is named JAQUELINE. How is this girl even for real? When ever I see a girl this cute I wonder how she ever got mixed up in porn. Then I realize this is the perfect place for her. She can make a killing with that body and face. Something many other girls don’t even have a chance with.

So let those other girls fill the secretary positions and wait tables. This young hottie is doing exactly what any girl with this kind of beauty should be doing. Using it to make mad money!

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Do you need some more spice in your life? Of course you do and Maja is just the girl to give it to you. Total Super Cuties is filled with girl next door girls, but Maja is a bit of an exotic one. She totally reminds me of a neighbor I once had. My neighbor’s wife was a Russian bride and she loved to sunbathe topless!


This Russian bride also wasn’t very modest. I would invite them over for poker and she would wear the skimpiest dresses I had ever scene. When she bent over the back of his seat her ass was showing. You could tell she wore thong panties!

She also had a killer set of knockers. Like I said, she loved to let them out when she was tanning so there were no tan lines. Once when she reached across the table for some chips her boob fell out of her dress. All of the guys were going nuts. Not me though. I’d see both of them already. I had cummed buckets of goo over them already. LOL


Total Super Cuties has dozens of models and the guy specializes in delivering them in ways that will make your mind bend and twist itself into putty. There are lots of camel toe pictures of girls in panties and many of the girls get completely naked.

Personally I love the girls that leave something to the imagination the best. I have always been a bit of a voyeur and this site makes you feel like you are a creepy old man even when you know the girl is looking into the camera.

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Remember the first time you scored a girlfriend? I am not even talking about scoring with a girlfriend. I am only talking about getting one. You got all jazzed and did the whole Toyota jump/kick thing like in the commercials. What a fuck yeah moment, man!

You can have those kinds of moments all over again by hooking up with swinger girls. They aren’t going to be your steady or anything of that sort, but they will blow your cock a lot better than your first girlfriend did. And if that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will!

Your cock needs a good wingman and if you are going to be one you are going to have to grow a set of nuts. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out a profile and then the girls will often find you. Getting laid has never been easier than it is now.

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My GF asked me why I spend so much time on Total Super Cuties. I told her it was because of how the site is laid out and how the owner shoots the pictures and videos of the girls. By the look on her face I knew I needed to break it down for her. Lets just say my GF isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The layout of TotalSuperCuties.com hasn’t changed since it opened. That is one of my favorite parts about the site because it tells me he is focusing more on the girls and not so much on the bullshit. Is it functional? Yes. Does it poke your eyes out with a hot fork? No. So why fix it if it ain’t broken?

On top of that, I love how he shoots the girls. It is like you are asking your high school sweetheart to pose so you can take some Polaroids of her naked. Only these pictures come out much more crisp and the videos are way better than VHS!

Total Super Cuties also focuses on the girl next door. Girls you might be able to score with. Emma is cute, but not a number ten across the board. She has perky tits and a fine body. Her face is plenty hot. When you are done with her there are dozens more just like her or somewhat different. I love it and so will you!

Take the Total Super Cuties tour and see what you’ve been missing!

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Ever heard of Karen’s Bitches? Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz later. Karen’s Bitches is a sister site of Total Super Cuties. Karen got her start at TotalSuperCuties.com and opened her own site Karen Dreams. From there she wanted to give girls like her a chance at becoming a successful Internet model like she was so she opened Karen’s Bitches.

The girl with the huge tits and curvy ass above is Gia Knight. She reminds me of the slightly chunky younger sister of a buddy of mine from high school. She would wear similar sleeping attire and pose herself around us while my buddy would keep telling her she is fat and nobody in the room wants to see her fat ass hanging out everywhere.

Thankfully for my dreams she didn’t listen to him. It could have been that she was checking me out and noticing my eyes were transfixed on her phat ass. Eventually we would end up having sex and I have to say, hers were some of the best big natural tits I had ever had since!

Get more of Gia and her friends at Karen’s Bitches.

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The guy that created Total Super Cuties was a total pervert. He used to peek at girls panties whenever possible and like most of us he fell in love with the girl next door.

These days he is creating some of the hottest tease porn ever created. His photos and videos hit so many different boyhood fantasies like feet, girls lounging around in their panties, white cotton panties, teasing, flirting, and more.

The models at Total Super Cuties aren’t "models" per se. They are real girls you actually have a chance in hell of dating. Amanda is cute, but she isn’t super cute. She is real and she has a real ass. Which looks great in those white cotton panties I must say!


It isn’t an IF you would tap that ass, it is a, how many times, and in how many ways would you tap that ass? Don’t you want to pull those panties over and see what this girl is hiding?


I have always loved it when girls pull their panties up their asses or up their pussy cracks. Not sure why. I once dated a girl that liked to roll her panties in to be more like a thong when she walked around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. It used to make my cock harder than ever to see her ass cheeks bouncing.


As I said, TotalSuperCuties.com is all about the tease. That same girl that used to roll up her panties used to enjoy watching me masturbate to her. She said it made her feel like a porn star. She had dreams of working in porn.

Crazy bitch!

She wanted to have hundreds of thousands of guys masturbating to her body and to know that at any given time hundreds, if not thousands, of guys would be dreaming of fucking her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I’m not sure what she is doing now, but I do know that Total Super Cuties Amanda is ready to tease the cum out of your rock hard cock right now!

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This young blonde cute is named Maddie and you might have seen her around the net on various nonnude sites, and erotic nudes sites as well. Total Super Cuties has several sets of this lovely teen. On her official site she is known as Sandy Fair.

What makes Total Super Cuties totally worth the price of admission is the owners commitment to finding truly exceptional, down to Earth, girl next door teens to pose for him.

The lineup of models is staggering with every type of girl imaginable waiting for you in the members area. There are dozens of small tits petite girls like Maddie, as well as, dozens more girls with wide hips and big boobs!

No matter what your type of girl is Total Super Cuties has her!

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Sure, Stephanie is not the cutest girl in the world. That is actually sort of the point of Total Super Cuties. They find the hottest girl in the world that isn’t going to have you thrown in jail for admiring her in the way you are going to do!

The site is filled with young girls in their prime. There are some truly hot ones and some mildly hot ones. No matter where they land on the hotness scale they are all good in my book. I love checking out girls in skimpy clothes. I especially enjoy panty shots with camel toe!

If you are a man with similar interests to mine you will find Total Super Cuties a totally fappable place. There are logs of sets already in the archives so start exploring some teenage bodies, will ya?!?!

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Holy fuck me’s, Batman! I could bang this little fuck bunny until the cows come home!

Now before you go saying something like you could find chicks like Total Super Cuties Judy in clubs all over the world, let me remind you… That is the point of Total Super Cuties!

Let’s face it. Some of the best sex you ever had was with a Judy. When you are banging chicks twice removed from your league you spend way too much time pinching yourself and not enough time in the moment. Judy is fun and hot with a body made for sex. Plus, Judy doesn’t know any of this! She thinks she is fugly and so she is willing to do all of the sorts of things mothers warn their daughters about!

Get that lotion and a warm towel ready. It is time for some Total Super Cuties!

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Newsflash: If Lindsey Lohan didn’t do so much fucking coke she would look like Total Super Cuties Laura. No – I am being serious here!

You probably don’t remember it, but before Lindsey was getting arrested for stupid shit like driving under the influence and stealing jewelry she was actually pretty hot. She had some meat on her bones. She had full tits like Laura’s juicy melons are. By the way… Did you see the leaked Lindsey Lohan Playboy photos? She looks like a fucking train wreck. There isn’t enough makeup or airbrushing in the world to save that ho-bag!

Anyway… oh… wait… not anyway… Check out this photo of Lindsey from when she was still hot:


OK… She is probably a little coked out here too… Make that maxed out on coke…. But back then she could do a lot of coke because she still had some baby fat lying around. I bet she could fuck all night long…

Now – anyway…


Now that is a phat ass. I could stick my dick in there and feel pretty confident I won’t cut it on a chipped bone or some shit!


Where was I?

Oh yeah… Total Super Cuties has dozens of models and each model does several picture sets and videos. A few go hog-wild creating their own mini-sites in the members area. Skinny girls, chunky girls… girls in between, Total Super Cuties has it all!

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